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Freebie Friday: Minecraft Themed Project Life Cards

Luna had a Minecraft themed birthday party, so naturally I had to include a scrapbook page with her party, right? Turns out there are NO Minecraft Project Life cards. I didn’t expect the app to have any but I figured a quick search of “Minecraft Project Life Printable” on Pinterest would yield something. I was wrong. How odd that there are none? I know I don’t have the only kid who plays Minecraft obsessively!

One day Luna was playing and I was sitting on the couch, trying to figure out something to practice my digital drawing on. And thus, these cute little wolf/dog and Creeper pictures were born. I made them into PL cards for her page and made a couple others to round it out. I think I may work on these as a side project and make a whole set, they were so much fun to make. I hope you guys enjoy them! Lemme see your Minecraft pages if you use them! (@itsalexmarie)


Click here to download the cards!


Feel free to pin this image!

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